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Just an FYI...I have moved to blogspot, and the address is:


XO jen

Easton's first camping trip!

This past weekend I went to Cherry Creek to camp for the first time with Easton. Tory was able to help me set up and hung out for awhile Friday night but had to leave because of a tournament and a paint job he had over the weekend. SO, little man and I hung out with Erma, Esther and their families. Erma's family goes every year to celebrate their Mom's birthday. (Thanks so much for the invite!) Easton and I used my bosses tent, and a HUGE air mattress my Father In Law bought us. Man that thing is comfy! The kids spent a ton of time on their bikes & trikes. They are all so cute! Saturday we went to the swim beach, and of course the kids had a great time.
We had a wonderful time, and Easton did great. I realize however that I don't recover as quick these days. I was exhausted all day yesterday, but thankfully I feel back to normal today. (With the help of an energy drink :))

Below are a bunch of fun photo's from the weekend~

Caden, Riley & Easton hanging out on the wave runner.

Nate chillin.

All of the kiddo's.

Easton giving Riley squeezes.

Jacob with smore remnants on his face.

Esther with Caden & Jacob, me and Easton, Erma with Riley & Nate...
Proud Mommy's!

Marc & Erma ensuring I had a photo with BOTH of their eyes open!

We have been friends for around 12 years!

I will definitely camp again, but I will be sure to make some changes...like borrow someones camper! Tent camping isn't horrible, but I did that for years, and I am getting older...there, I said it!
And, I am okay with it!!! :)

Cherry Creek Reservoir

First before I post anything, please keep Steven Curtis Chapman and his family in your prayers. They tragically lost their 5 year old last night due to an accident. You can read further using the following link: http://www.stevencurtischapman.com/ When tragedy strikes, it is one more reminder how absolutely precious life is, and possibly how short it can be too. As a full time working Mom, I am doing my best to make each hour count that I get with Easton.

Last weekend we had a ton of fun. We went out to Cherry Creek Reservoir and played in the sand & the water (which was freezing)...kids never seem to care! Esther, Caden & Jacob joined us too, and the boys had so much fun playing! Tory got out on his friends wave runner, I was too chicken of the very cold water, so I passed this time!

Easton and I got home and he just crashed! We are planning on going back out this weekend!

I am so glad that summer seems to have arrived! I hope you all make WONDERFUL memories this season!!

Take time to squeeze the ones you love and tell them how much they mean to you.

Blessings, jen

A visit from Grandpa Ken

My Father In Law came out to visit last thursday for 4 days, and we had a wonderful time! On Friday Easton, Grampa and I went to the Aquarium, Saturday we shopped and watched Tory play softball, and Sunday, I did the Cherry Creek Sneak with my friend Tiffany and my Father In Law. Good times were had by all! It was a quick trip, but we are always so glad to see any of our out of town relatives!!

I took a bunch of photos but I will post a few of my favorites!

Peeking through the diving helmet.

Getting a better view of the fishies. (Did I just say fishies??)


Easton got to touch the stingray's.

Sharks are so cool!

Sunday night Tory, Grampa, Easton and I all went out for dinner to Ted's Montana grill, and afterword we went to Cherry Creek reservoir to watch the sunset. It was so nice out!

Getting ready to leave.

Dad sporting his Cherry Creek shirt! Great job by the way!

Momma loves her little man!

So sweet...

A loving Grampa!

Thank you Grandpa Ken for your love and crazy generosity! We love you!

I am sorry I take so long to post...I hope life is treating you all well! We had snow here yesterday...even though I have lived in CO for 15 years, I don't know if I will EVER get used to the bazaar weather here!

Since this journal is about my life as a Mom...I wanted to share a few new things Eston has done over the past months. First of all, I started going back to church (since Easter) I didn't realize how much I missed it...anyhoo, Easton and I have been chatting about God here and there, and Tory & I started praying at some of our meals...while Tory was away in AZ playing ball, he called and was a little discouraged, so at lunch I prayed out loud for Daddy. That night at dinner Easton looks at me and says..."Mommy...Pray" I asked him, "do you want to pray?" He said
"yeah...Pray (pause) Daddy (pause) Amen." It was the sweetest thing ever!
I love hearing him pray! He is such a wonderful little guy!!
I guess that is it for now!
Much love and blessings to all!

Happy Easter!

The past couple of weeks have flown by! I keep track of a few friends blogs, and can't wait until they post new happenings, but can't seem to keep mine up! Last weekend, Easton and I went to Cherry Creek Mall to meet a very wonderful friend, Janelle (it was FABULOUS seeing you!!). They have a fantastic play area for kiddo's, and everything is in the shape of breakfast food. Kids just love it!!

Playing in a bowl of shredded wheat!

I think he liked this because it was the highest thing off the ground.

Hanging out on a piece of bacon.

Later last weekend Easton finally got into the toilet paper. Is this some right of passage for toddlers, like you aren't a true toddler until you have unraveled a whole roll?? He seemed so disinterested until last week!

Look at the concentration on his face...he doesn't realize he is busted yet!

still going...

Hi Mom!

On to Easter! This year was so fun!! We woke up early, and Easton had a mini egg hunt at home along with opening a sports themed Easter basket. Tory, Easton and I then met the Hardesty's at their church. We then went to their house to do an Easter egg hunt with the Howerzyl's!! That was SO FUN!!!! We also had a wonderful brunch! Great work Hardesty's!!

Making eggs at home with Dad.

being silly!

The boys waiting for Nate & Riley.

Daddy hiding eggs with Marc.

On the hunt!

Erma helping out with the ones stuck in the bushes.

Proud kiddo's!!

My little family!!

XO jen

A visit from Uncle Richard!

Richard is here in CO for Cabela's meetings, so he was able to come over and visit tonight!
It has been a year since he has seen Easton and apparently he has changed quite a bit. It was fun to watch the two of them play!!

Here are a few photo's:

We also went out Friday night to celebrate Matthew's 8th birthday which was March 3rd. He love Mexican food, so we went to Casa Viarta. We had agreat time, and he is such a wonderful kiddo!

Things are going great! The time change has messed us up a bit, but I am sure by the end of the week we will feel normal again.


A visit from Uncle Scott.

My Brother came out to visit Feb 6th through the 12th. It was great to have him here, unfortunately the day he flew in was the day that I was so sick I could barely get out of bed. It took me two more days to really recuperate , but Easton and I were able to do lunch with Uncle Scott and Grampa on Friday. We had a really nice time!

So happy to be hanging out with Uncle Scott & Grampa!

I know his eyes aren't open, but it is still cute!

Eating lunch at Fatboy's.

Uncle Scott at the condo playing with little man!

We finally celebrated a belated Christmas with my Dad since my brother was there. It was simple and fun!

Easton is helping Grampa open his presents.

It was sad to see my brother go, but I know my Dad LOVED having him here!! Great to see you big Brother!!
We are very much looking forward to Spring! We continue to get teased with these random beautiful days, and we do the best we can to take full advantage!

Easton continues to change & grow and make Tory and I laugh! He is pretty great! He is still trying to master the potty thing and I continue to get pee'd on. Ha!

Blessings to all!!!

The "Family Bed".

Here is a topic I figured I would never have to talk about. Ha...once again I was mistaken! Easton got sick with croup last November...he was sick over a week, with a fever for 3 days straight. In order for us to both get sleep, I brought him into bed when he woke up in the middle of the night. Apparently he likes sleeping in our bed! I know I could try breaking him of this fun little habit, but that would require me listening to him scream, and frankly, I am not ready for that. So, if I ever made fun of any of you for letting your kids sleep with you, please accept my sincere apologies!!!

Well, here are a few new fun photo's:

Tory & Easton sharing housework duties!

Last night in the bathtub...I gave him a mohawk.

Being silly.

Saying "cheese".

Easton is doing really well, he is attempting the potty at daycare. One of the other kiddo's is in the middle of potty training, so Easton of course wants to try also. He has pee'd OVER the potty twice...LOL! I am in no hurry, but if Jan wants to work with him, more power to her! :)

I pray that February treats you all well!

XO jen

2 years and 2 days old!!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!! Easton will proudly tell you he is "TWO" if you ask him now! He tries to hold up the right amount of fingers, but we are still working on that! This year we had a quiet birthday celebration, but it sure was fun! We had Easton's favorite, McDonald's, opened presents, played and ate birthday cake then played some more! I finished the evening with doing a mold of Easton's hands. We were supposed to do that when he was a newborn, but somehow that never happened! Better late than never!
Here are some fun photo's of our evening:

Eating his favorite..."fwys"

Play-doh and LOTS of it!!

Opening his new tricycle.

Helping Daddy!



Had to get a little on his face.

Easton also had a little celebration at daycare!! We are so blessed to have Jan! He loves his Elmo phone too! Thanks Jan & Greg!

I am LOVING being a Mom!! What a tremendous blessing.
2 years down and many many to go!!

New Do!!!

At our company Christmas party, I received a WONDERFUL gift certificate to a local salon for 5 years of service...So, I went in yesterday and allowed Julie, the hair stylist to do as she pleased!! She basically cut it all off and changed the color! I love it!!
Easton & I were trying to do some self portraits, and here are a few of those silly photo's!

Apparently I am more "hip & in style" now! Thank goodness!